Ben and Jerry

I ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s for dinner last night. Low fat Cherry Garcia, to be precise. I was tired, it was hot, my ailing toe hurt – whatever. And herein lies a very important principle: Never keep anything in the house which, if your brain falls out and you need to wallow in self-pity, will totally derail you. That entire puppy only had 12 grams of fat. And it tasted mighty fine. Ben and Jerry make lovely dinner companions.


1 Response to “Ben and Jerry”

  1. 1 Mary August 17, 2008 at 2:26 am

    Thought I was your dinner companions that night? At least I was the most talkative of the lot. That is, I think you were eating that Cherry Garcia while we were talking on the phone. (Ben and Jerry didn’t have much to say, as far as I recall.)

    Great blog! Congratulations!

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I have lost 200 pounds. I did not do it through surgery – I don’t like knives and needles – or by joining a club, vigorous exercise, or rigorous dieting. I did it by gourmet cooking. To be precise, by cooking low fat, really delicious food. I love to cook as much as I love to eat. Food magazines are some of my favorite reading. I would feel deprived if I couldn’t have the sensuous experience of good food crossing my lips. This blog is about my perpetual feast, my passionate love of food, with recipes, photos, and occasional advice and principles that I have learned along the way.

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